One of my many jobs in college was running a summer day camp for little kids. Kids are great teachers because the world is so new to them that everything is exciting. Every rock, every picture made with glue and string, every cloud, and every mud puddle. Exciting.

This newness and willingness to discover can also be overwhelming or exhilarating for the adults supervising these explorers. Exhausted days I felt like I wasn’t up to new things, mud puddles, or frogs. This was pre juice box, so there were a lot of sticky spills. I was wrapped in worry about my “responsibilities” and, of course, kept my eye on my watch so that that we weren’t late to anything important. Like not spilling something sticky.

Each day the kids would stream in, ready for a world of possibilities and fun. I started my day by unlocking the space, setting out what we needed, getting everything organized and greeting the other counselors. The important stuff for our day.

I had one camper that would come in every single day and shout at the top of his lungs, “HI EVERYONE I AM HERE!!!” Every. Single. Day. On my good days I liked the kid. On bad days I hated the kid. On the rest of the days I wondered how anyone could be that excited to be in the same place at the same time with the same people that many days in a row.

Now that I am in the everyday adult world and outside of the magic of summer camp…and I have real responsibilities and everyday stresses that kid is my hero. Imagine if every day I ran into whatever I was doing and announced “HI EVERYONE I AM HERE” and dove into the task at hand with the energy and unfettered joy of that little kid. If I presented myself as available for whatever came my way, with no rules and no fears. In complete dedication to the moment. Really present.

What if we ALL did it.  All at once.

Be my hero today and announce to the world our shared mantra…HI EVERYONE I AM HERE!!!


Photo & hero graciously birthed and shared by Britney Gardner
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