I’ve retired my suits and Blackberry, but I put plenty of time into them.

I sat through meetings, managed reorganizations, thrived in mergers, and raised two kids as a single working mom.

My natural intuition placed me in the position of trusted advisor, even in the the conservative world of public accounting. When the s&^t has hitting the fan, I found myself in many “meetings after the meeting” and we all know that’s where the real stuff happens. I worked with the difficult decisions and often transformed them into amazing breakthroughs.

I understand finance at the micro and macro level. I have managed millions of dollars and consistently amazed CFO’s with my ability to pull money out of thin air. I give you unique insight into employee dynamics and bring discord into alignment. I show you the obstacles and we figure out the most efficient way to clear them. I am a sounding board for what keeps you up at night. I identify the leakages in your organization, and put some clarity around the why, how and what next. I transform theory into practical steps.

Your tell me where you want to go, I clarify it. I give you the map, you take your company to that place. More than the sage on the stage…I’m the guide on the side.

Morale is low? Let’s get it going with a Corporate Chill session. The effects will last longer than another office Happy Hour.
Have an employee that is talented but flaws are starting to overshadow skill set? I’ll spend some time inviting talent to come back into the spotlight.

I often joke that when you are out of options…that’s when I start to make sense. What have you got to lose?

Executive Coaching
You put in your time… Did your homework… Completed every project at 110%… Dress for the job you targeted… Shown that you are forward-thinking and success-driven…

But that promotion hasn’t come. The next step seemed reachable a few years ago, but now you are on the verge of settling.

You’ve taken the time to build a solid technical and workplace skill set. Together, we take the time to identify areas where your energy is projecting positively, and turn the volume up. We look for those areas that crave development, building your quiver of tools that will bring you into the “Unstoppable” category.

You may have some habits that come out at work that everyone sees…except you! Sometimes it’s something small, sometimes the issue is more pronounced, sometimes we see the results and don’t know what we did to cause it. Along with building on your strengths, we look at possible weaknesses and turn those around.

Crying when you are angry, speaking loudly and aggressively when you are really just enthusiastic, or any other point from a performance evaluation or negative feedback come into play during our work.

There is a philosophy that says, “A weakness may be a strength to extreme.”

It’s time to upgrade your executive presence. Let’s work together to showcase your skills and brilliance, command the conference room and drive your career forward.

One hour consultation with follow up appointments. Corporate invoicing available.


Workplace Alignment
I offer unique insight into your department, team, organization, or reorganization. Most of us spend more of our waking hours at work than at at home and we tend to downplay the importance of authentic communication and relationships at work. If you are looking for confidence in your game plan, my skills set of intuition and business sense provide exploration of possibilities and clarification of strategy alignment.

I’ve spent time in management, strategic planning, budget negotiations, layoff and reorganization plans and have been the giver and the receiver in a “right-sizing” plan. I have navigated the corporate roller coaster and provide the unique insight into creating meaningful and profitable change. When you work with me, mindfulness meets operations mastermind.

Department in conflict? Reorganization on the horizon? Corporate changes have turned the Org Chart into Swiss cheese? Vulnerable to recruiters? The inmates running the asylum? Does the staff suffer from analysis paralysis? Martyrdom? Busy work? Is management disconnected from the company? Employees? Each other?

Workplace Alignment can involve everyone affected or begin with a subset, depending upon the desired outcome and the current situation.

Potential Outcomes:
Align the team to the purpose
Identify key players and begin defining and working within new structures
Improve communication skills when a situation takes the team off task
Identify source of workplace anxiety and move into confidence
Improve morale from layoffs or perceived unfair decisions

One hour consultation with follow up appointments. Corporate invoicing available.



Corporate Chill
It’s the super power of CEOs, a daily habit for the masters of stress management, and the secret skill that protects your chill. Meditation and corporate mindfulness create thinking space in your crowded day. It’s the access point into invigorating your day, where you take a minute to slow your thoughts and reboot your mind.

If you are tired of trying to stop the waves, why don’t we teach you to surf. That’s the power of meditation and mindfulness.
A meditation practice looks different for everyone. For some people, time on a meditation cushion is pure bliss. For others, the thought of setting aside even 10 minutes a day is an instant “No Go.” I meet you where you are and we custom design a meditation strategy that works for you. We start with goals, add comfort and sustainability, give your time meaning with some mindfulness study, and bring your meditation and stress management to life. And if you like a comfy chair rather than a cushion, then I’m the teacher for you.

Learning meditation is a process, and I guide every step of your way, and it is your own way. Initially we meet to discuss your intentions and goals in an hour session in person, by phone, or by Skype. We decide together what works for your lifestyle and time commitment, and create a practice for you. We follow up weekly for six weeks and keep developing and course correcting. I’ll be there for your “Aha!” moments and your “Oh, Shit!” days.

We’ll also give you powerful skill for fostering conscious communication, even when the discussion is heated. I’ll look at your power words, the message you project, and give you real tools to improve both performance and satisfaction.
Bring yourself into this powerful tool, or bring your whole team. Together we create what will bring your enthusiasm level up and your stress level down.

One hour consultation with follow up appointments. Corporate invoicing available.


Mind-Body Flexibility
I team up with top yoga teacher who “gets it” when it comes to your level of flexibility and your willingness to “hold the pose” for seemingly endless periods of time.

If you are ready to bring more focus and stress reduction to your day, yoga and mindfulness at work are the next step. Take an hour from meetings, emails, phone calls, and those IM’s a give yourself a reboot.

We’ll give you 40 minutes of gentle stretching disguised as yoga. Stretches that are designed to counteract the damage of a day spent sitting in a chair. Positions that allow you to release the stress of not only your last meeting but your next meeting.
We’ll close with 20 minutes of mindfulness and stress reduction technique used by the military, police forces, and successful executives. Plus, a short meditation to seal the deal.

Individual and group pricing available. Book a 30 minute consultation to discuss.