Working Together – Our Relationship

Working together, like an ongoing conversation our relationship invites you to open your heart.

Readings are not simply me giving you the right answers, in fact, there are no “right” answers.

Readings distill essential information allowing you to see, hear, and feel:

  • The door opening for you to standing your own power
  • The permission to acknowledge with confidence you as the master of your own journey
  • The importance of your unique experience
  • The guidance on your path or course correction as critical navigation tools

Whichever type of session you choose I meet you where you are on your path, we join hands with our guides and walk the journey together.

1-on-1 Sessions | It's all about YOU!
60 or 90 minute sessions available

In an open conversation between you and me,  you get to discuss your story, what it means to you. We consider those aspects that keep you up at night and the ones you feel limit your life. Together we discover your internal grounding, ignite your light, and guide you into shining it brightly reflecting your true soul back to the world.

Comfort and confidence are key when we work together.  

I work by Skype, phone, or in person at my office in Portland, OR.  Our work is sacred and what we discuss during our session is confidential as well as my client list.  We work without restriction leaving our time together wide open for anything you wish to include in our reading.  If we do meet in public, please feel free to introduce me as a friend if you would for our work to remain private.

Within the space and time together since everything is sacred, anything you wish to explore is “worth it.” Your secrets and fears are more than just safe, they are invited, welcomed, and treated like honored guests.  Dreams and desires you hold dear receive equal treatment in the exploration we endeavor together. I invite you to take this time with me to authentically explore whatever your heart chooses.

At the time of our appointment, I give you some easy tips on how to work with me and get your energy settled.  Then the work begins and we move through your questions. This time is about YOU. The more specific you are, the more specific I can read.

Expect some homework! Mediations, books, lectures. My guides provide what speaks to your heart.

The conversation begins with our time together, and continues as you move forward on your path.


Career Reboot
60 or 90 minute sessions available

Our livelihood presents unique challenges, a place where we may possess only influence and not control.  While abundance beliefs start at home they come into practice when we open the office door.  Layoffs, downsizing, changes in staff, or business practice can be overwhelming to navigate.  And how do you align decision making at work with your personal values?

Have you sat in your car thinking, “I just can’t go in today!” and then made that walk in the door anyway.  Do you find yourself rehearsing “I should have said!” conversations from 10 years ago?  Are you coming in “armed and dangerous” to deal with the next co-worker crisis?  Is a co-worker or boss “ruining your day?” Are you someone’s “work wife?”  If multiple trips to Starbuck’s aren’t cutting it, maybe it’s time to reboot your career.

The work environment encompasses many aspects:

  • Pressure to compete or make money for the company can often surpass your personal ethics.
  • Overwhelm is rampant including the mantra “I’m buried!”  
  • Some of us spend more time with our co-workers than our family.  Navigating those interpersonal relationships is often more challenging than our actual work.
  • Our confidence is “blown” and the dominoes begin to fall.

Together we look at your workday with new eyes, identify areas we can significantly improve, and explore change where appropriate.

Peace is easy when listening to your favorite music and drinking Zen tea. When you get to your desk for that first crisis of the day, let’s keep it flowing.  Let’s move to the next level of peace in action…with confidence!




Meditation for Everyone
It’s the super power of long term success, a daily habit for stress management, and the secret skill that results in chill. Meditation creates breathing space between thoughts. It’s the access point into silence and relaxation.

A meditation practice looks different for everyone. For some people, time on the meditation cushion is pure bliss. For others, the thought of setting aside even 10 minutes a day can be daunting. I meet you where you are and we custom design a meditation strategy that works for you. We start with goals, add comfort and sustainability, give your time meaning with some mindfulness study, and bring your meditation and stress management to life. And if you like a comfy chair rather than a cushion, then I’m the teacher for you.

Learning meditation is a gentle process, and I guide every step of your way, and it is your own way. Initially we meet to discuss your intentions and goals in an hour session in person, by phone, or by Skype. We decide together what works for your lifestyle and time commitment, and create a practice for you. We follow up weekly for six weeks and keep developing and course correcting.

I’ll be there for your “Aha!” moments and your “Oh, Shit!” days.




Giver's Recharge
60 or 90 minute sessions available

We are all caretakers. We care for kids, partners, co-workers, parents, friends…even strangers.
Sometimes the day morphs into putting one foot in front of the other and then going to bed when you are either out of footsteps or it’s 2:00 a.m. and the late night TV no longer works for you. Our life becomes a series of “shoulds” and the “coulds” become scarce. We give up as the tank gets empty.

Who takes care of you?

If you have read about a celebrity who checked into a facility to “rest” and thought, “I wish I could do that” this is a mini version. Not everyone has time for a trip to Sedona.

We’ll tune into YOU to pinpoint techniques and touch points you can use throughout your day to remain grounded and invite some guilt-free self-care.

Let’s shift you from survivor to nurturer!




Entrepreneurial Energize
60 or 90 minute sessions available

You’ve made the leap into your own business. Now what?!

The ideas flew and your are in the process of making your dream come true. Only sometimes you wake up sweating.

Attracting clients is a little more complicated than you hoped. With your website maintenance, social media postings, developing your content, and seeing clients…things are piling up. Oh, and the awful office coffee from your last “real” job makes  it start to look attractive again. It’s lonely being your own boss.

Whether your are overwhelmed by the details or underwhelmed by your progress, it’s time to energize.

You and I step through your ideas and dreams, and infuse them with new energy. We take those places where you are fading and brighten them up. I’ll give you my secret right here. We look for what is making you money and what is not making you money then pinpoint where to focus your energy. Get your zing back and watch yourself excel!

If you are already rocking it and ready to go to the next level, then it’s time to spend some focused time firing ideas creating new streams of income and joy.

Strap in, because it’s anything goes when ideas start to flow.




Intuition Integration
I was born a student, followed my master teachers as an apprentice, then gained experience as a spiritual journeyman. Now I embrace my role as a master intuition teacher.

Once in awhile you get that “gut” feeling that something isn’t right. Or that great feeling when you know you are 100% on point with a relationship. Things click.

Let’s tap into that! I am very transparent about what works for me and I will assist you in integrating intuitive skills into your life as I provide a solid base for you to explore your own guidance.

Your guidance will speak as loudly as you are willing to listen. That’s why we have 2 ears and one mouth.

    • Maybe you have taken a some online classes, experimented with cards, attended lectures, but are not sure what to “do” with it. You’ve been hanging out on your own and it’s time to get some instruction. You may even be thinking of doing readings or going pro.
    • You might be in a regular job and noticed you have a bit more insight into the goings-on at work. When you are sitting in a meeting and know someone will be fired or someone is not in ethical, your “secret power” can become a friend or a distraction. I teach you to lessen the struggling with what to do with that information and invite you to use it to your advantage.
    • You are the sensitive one in your family and often shy away from large events. When you do talk yourself into going, then head for the first corner or spend significant time in the bathroom playing with the soap! You are ready to go home and decompress long before your spouse is. Together we can work on making these events less painful and maybe even fun for you!
    • You may be that mommy that doesn’t “get” the other mommies at the mall and is feeling isolated because of the constant downloads of information. Feeling out of place is the first tap from your guides that it’s time to move forward.
    • If you have loved ones chatting you up in dreams that are very real, your guides are knocking on the door. I provide instruction to comfortably continue the conversation with solid tools.

We begin with a one hour session and design a plan based on your goals and enthusiasm. It is my honor to work you as your develop your skills.




Client Service Reset
60 or 90 minute sessions available

Uh oh! Your energy is draining rapidly. You feel blocked. Facing another client with love and compassion seems impossible. That surge of your healing, light, intuitive, coaching, or psychic energy is on low voltage. Perhaps an emotional client session uncovered issues in your own life causing you to struggle emotionally or spiritually.

You still gotta earn a living. Let’s reset.

Discover where you are leaking, hurting, fading, or developing emotions around your work that are not serving you or your clients.

We work together to reconnect you with your guidance, your inner power, and your passion.

Energy will flow through you and cease running out of you. Your ego will be guided out of the driver’s seat and your love and light will be back behind the wheel. Let’s identify your blockages, areas where you are building stress points, and refocus you into joyful service.

We create some healthy practices to ground you in top healing and client service form. We rediscover, recharge, reset, and rebirth your unique skills as a healer.