Local to the Portland area and looking for an opportunity to work with me in a group setting? You’re in luck!

Meditation for Regular People

We hear about meditation every day, but most of us don’t know if we are doing it “right” or if it is “working”. We live in an instant world and desire for things to move quickly. Stress flies around us like arrows, and some of them hit us.

We can turn the volume down on stress and the volume up on fulfillment.

This class is for you if you:

  • Want to learn to become more present in the moment
  • Have a mind goes a million miles per hour and you are ready to create space between thoughts
  • Have always wanted to meditate but aren’t sure where to get started
  • Have meditated a few times but haven’t developed a regular meditation routine
  • Are into sitting in a comfortable chair and learning how to quiet your life
  • Want to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Know how to breathe.

No other skills required!

Cost: $10 per class – click here for my full schedule.