Can a Career Psychic Help Me?

Hey there, adult person. Let me ask you a question: Do you still remember what your dream was when you were a child? 

How about the dream job that made you pursue your dream in college? Were you able to take the degree you’ve always wanted? 

If your answer is yes, then a congratulations is set for you! You’re on the career path you’ve always dreamed of! 

Here’s the next question: Are you genuinely happy with the career you have right now? Do you feel content with the path you took? 

Those questions might catch you off guard, and maybe have you thinking if this career is the right path for you. 

Well, that’s what growing up can do to the best of us. 

Our child-self is often woken up by the reality of being an adult, where we often faced with two choices: the dream career path or the practical career path. 

The world is cruel, indeed, especially for those who can’t juggle both. Only a handful of people are lucky enough to choose their dream career without having to think of other matters like the financial aspects. 

But it’s crueler to people who are still in search for the right career path for them. Let’s face it, it’s hard to jump around the work force trying to weigh if this certain job is the one for you. 

But how does one know if he or she is in the right career path? 

Self-made millionaire, Peta Kelly, said in an interview with Forbes said that the access point to discovering the right career path for yourself is through our “zone of genius.” 

“We all have a zone of genius. Unique talents and abilities. We have this zone of bliss, creativity, productivity, effectiveness and efficiency that we can live in… But we can’t live there if we are only moving based on what’s practical and logical. Excitement is the compass.”

Peta Kelly

Are You On the Right Career Path?

If you’re currently doubting your current career path, you can look in to this zone within ourselves to find an answer. 

Here are some ways in order to check if you are in your zone of genius, and on the right career path. 

Your Work Excites You

Probably the biggest factor when it comes to jobs and careers is that you get to do something that you love. This is where dream career paths are rooted from. You wake up every day with this giddy feeling in your stomach because you get another day to do the things you’re passionate about. 

You’re Good at What You Do

Liking what you is one thing, being good at it is a whole other factor. Another sign of being in the right path is doing a good job at what you do. Being in this job feels like you’re playing an important basketball game at your home court: I know I’ll do a good job because I know this place better than anyone.

The piling job orders, overtimes, and stress doesn’t bother you because you know you can accomplish the job no matter what. 

You Always Bring Your A Game 

If you find yourself never submitting half-cooked work or getting some tasks done “just because you have to”, then you may just be at the right path. Being in the zone of genius means that you’re always at the best condition. You’ll always exert 110 percent of your effort to the tasks, even on your downtime days.

You See Yourself Becoming the Boss

Finding yourself jealous over what your boss has achieved, and has been achieving isn’t really a negative sign at your job. It could mean that you can see yourself in his shoes, and that you’re looking to grow more into this career. 

Keep in mind that this doesn’t include attempting to kick your boss out of his position. It’s more of seeing yourself improving and climbing up the industry ladder in the long term. 

The Negatives Don’t Bother You

There’s no perfect office. There will always be those days where you feel like nothing’s going right, or you can’t finish your tasks, or your annoying officemate is being extra annoying today. And that’s okay. 

When you’re on the right path for you, these negativities won’t be an issue for you, and it won’t affect the quality of your work at all. 

Being able to shut all negatives out at work is a rare skill, especially when these are the common reasons why people leave their job. If you can shove the negativities so easily, then you really must love your job.

If you analyze your current job and all the factors mentioned above fit you, then you’ve made it to the right path! Congratulations! 

Dreams and Careers can Change

But if it doesn’t fit, don’t worry about it. It’s never too late to change your career path and search for what’s the right one for you. Don’t feel pressured, good things take time. For some, it takes longer than the others. We all work at our own pace. The last thing you want to do is compare yourself to others. 

If the dream career wasn’t what you thought it was, that’s okay too. Dreams can change. What you dreamt of becoming when you were in kindergarten, may not be the dream you have now as you look for a job. 

Do not be afraid to try new things, especially if you don’t love what you’re currently doing. Who knows, maybe the next skill you learn might just be the skill that triggers your zone of genius. 

Ask for help if you feel the need to. Choosing a career is an overwhelming responsibility for us adults, seeking help will not make you look weak. 

You can consult your former college professor our your former supervisor to get insights on how your work ethic “works”, what you’re good at, what is there to improve on. 

You can also consider consulting with psychic readers to see if you really are on the right path. With the energies around you, they will be able to give an unbiased say on where you stand in terms of your career.

Being an adult with responsibilities can be overwhelming and stressful. But it can be the most exciting chapters of our lives. It’s up to us on how to make it worthwhile.

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