The Truth About Online Fortune Tellers

It’s amazing how the world is designed in a way that we cannot know what tomorrow holds. 

This has lead us to focusing on today and how we can make it last in our memories for as long as possible. 

For some, it’s okay to remain clueless on what the future holds. The unpredictability of life is what makes it so exciting, and equally scary. 

But what if we told you that getting an idea, or even just a glimpse of the future is important, too? 

A study from the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business said that knowing the valuations of the future affects a person’s decision about himself or others, and it might be more important than the knowledge you have of the past.

“Our studies show that people value events in the future more than they value equivalent events in the equidistant past, that they do so even when they consider this asymmetry irrational, and that one reason why they make these asymmetrical valuations is that contemplating future events produces greater affect than does contemplating past events.”

– University of Chicago study

Knowing how the future would be is just as scary as not knowing it. But, this knowledge, when you know how to handle it, can help you move forward in life.

The Truth About Fortune Telling

But how will you get such information? There are people in this world who can grab hold of these just for you. And they are the psychic readers. 

Psychics are people who obtain extra sensory perception (ESPs) and can read the energies surrounding a certain person that other people don’t normally see. 

There are certain psychic readers who can read through these energies and be able to predict the future. They are fortune tellers. 

Fortune telling, technically speaking, is the practice of predicting information on someone’s life. This is commonly associated with divination. 

Fortune telling pretty much follows the process of psychic readings. It seeks answers from random patterns and phenomenon around us. 

There are many ways a psychic can predict your future. Here are some of them: 


One of the most common ways of fortune telling is called cartomancy or card reading. Some psychic readers the standard 52-card deck to guide them in reading the energy of their clairaudience. This is the most popular method of fortune telling from 18th to 20th century. 

Another deck used in cartomancy is the tarot card deck. This is a deck of cards filled with pictures, each of them contains a meaning connected to the person’s energies during sessions. 


Astrology is where the movements and positions of celestial objects are studied in order to get information on human affairs. Formation of stars are connected to the clairaudience’s energies. 


Another way of predicting the future is through crystallomancy or crystal ball reading. A psychic uses the method of crystal gazing in order to read the energies of a person. This is stereotypically known as gypsy fortune telling. 


Also known as palmistry or palm reading, this is a method of foretelling the future through studying the patterns of the palm. This practice is known across the world. There are psychics who can get information and energies of its clairaudience by just looking and feeling the palm of the hand. 


More commonly known as “tea leaf reading”, this method involves the clairaudience drinking an unstained cup of tea during session. And whatever pattern has been created at the bottom of the cup, the psychic reader will interpret what those mean.

Now the next question you would most likely ask is: is fortune telling true? The answer is obviously, yes. Understand that it takes skill in order to read through someone’s energy, hence the term “energy reader”. 

Here’s the thing, knowing the future can be either an advantage or a burden to you. It all depends on how you take in the information. 

Accurate Fortune Telling Can Change You

Fortune telling can help you know to act forward. When you know the predictions about a certain factor in your life, chances are you’ll change either to make it happen, or prevent it from happening. Knowing the future drives the free will to change 

You have the power to change the future

Like mentioned earlier, information about the future can change you. Keep in mind that these are predictions only, do not be deceived by the fact that the future cannot be changed, because it will. 

Free will to change brought about the reading will cause the change in prediction. So the prediction might not happen at all.

If you’re convinced and ready to take on the knowledge of the future, then it’s high time for you to look for a psychic reader or fortune teller. 

But how will you find a fortune teller that’s most convenient for you? 

Get Recommendations From Friends

It’s highly likely that one of your friends have consulted a fortune teller. You can also ask around your neighborhood of any fortune teller within the area you reside in. 

Just Google It

The internet is also a good place to search for a reliable fortune teller in your area. Just key in the keywords “fortune tellers near me” and Google, who is aware of your location, can provide you with a list of fortune tellers in your area. 

You can also research on available lists of fortune tellers from reliable third party sources so you can be sure of the readers you will book.

Online Fortune Telling Exists Too

With the help of technology, psychics are available online at your convenience. They can do their readings through phone call or online chat. The same goes for fortune telling.

There are many available online fortune tellers. All one has to do is look through reviews and websites in order to assure that you’re lurking on. You can have your future predict at the comfort of your home.

If you found a fortune teller that matches your teller, remember to ready a set of questions for a smooth flowing reading. Also, remain calm and centered during the reading session. An open mind is also necessary as you don’t really expect what do hear from your reader.

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