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For most of us here in the living world, death is one of our biggest fears. 

And there are many reasons why we fear death. We fear that we may not have enough time to do the things that we want. We may also fear how on earth are we going to die? Are we going to die in our sleep? Will someone murder us? Or will we fall to our doom? 

Maybe it’s the inevitability of death that fears us. We have so much to do in this world and we don’t know when would be our last breathe.

But for some, fear of death is caused by the death of someone we love dearly. It’s the idea that we won’t be able to see or speak to them ever again that causes this fear. 

And we don’t blame you. It’s hard to not be able to see or even hear the people that we love when they pass on. 

But in the world of the paranormal, even death cannot stop the living from communicating with the spiritual world. 

This method is called Mediumship.

Mediumship is the practice of mediating communication between living human beings and the spiritual world. People who practice this form of psychic reading is called a medium. 

Mediums are often found during paranormal investigations. Buzzfeed Unsolved – Supernatural, one of Buzzfeed’s top rating online shows, usually has a medium with them when they steak out in haunted houses in the United States. 

How is a Medium Different from a Psychic? 

A psychic uses intuition in order to receive information regarding someone’s past, present, future, or all three mentioned. They make use of the human aura, or the energies that surround the human being in order to get a reading, or connect with someone’s spirit guide or higher spirits. They sometimes use tools like tarot cards, crystal balls, and our hands, to help them understand the energies they are getting from their clients. 

A medium, meanwhile, uses his psychic ability to connect with a person’s loved one’s spirit. But rather than using instincts, a medium connects with the spirit of a loved one and demonstrate that they’re really linking with a spirit. 

Mediumship isn’t about prediction or analyzing someone’s career, their intention is to let the living know that the deceased loved one remain a part of their lives.  

It is a way to provide closure and support, and hopefully diminish the fear of death. 

Types of Mediumships

There are only a few types of mediumship, and here are some of them: 

Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship is the most common kind. This is the form of communication with the spirit by means of telepathy. Here’s how a medium talks to the spirits: 

  • Clairaudience – through mental hearing 
  • Clairvoyance – the medium mentally sees spirits 
  • Clairsentience – a medium feels the message of the spirits 

Trance Mediumship

Another form of mental mediumship is called trance mediumship or channeling. When a spirit connects with a medium, it exerts different levels of control over the consciousness of the medium. Trance is considered the strongest degree of control. 

But a trance mediumship is not possession. A genuine trance is a strong share of mental and physical energies between the medium and the spirit. 

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is a method where energies and energy systems are manipulated by spirits. This method involves loud raps and noises, voices, materialized objects or spirit bodies, and even body parts like hands, legs and feet.   The medium here is a source of power for these manifestations 

Direct Voice

While some methods uses the medium in order for the spirit to speak, in the direct voice method, the spirit speaks independently, and the medium only connects the physical and the spiritual world. This method allows the medium to join the discourse during séances. 

Preparing for a Medium Reading

We mentioned that psychics are different from mediums. But, the preparation before the séance is quite the same as a regular psychic reading. 

Make sure there’s a reason 

One thing about seeking a medium is that you shouldn’t do it just for the sake of it. Have something in mind that you look to get out of the experience. That would prepare you better. 

Find the right medium for you

Mediums aren’t exactly easy to find. Make sure you do sufficient research when looking for a medium. Remember to only get information from legitimate websites that offer these services, or through reliable third party organizations 

Prepare your questions

Remember that you’ll be speaking to the spirits of your loved ones. You might space out the minute you hear your loved one’s voice. Keep your questions at hand so you won’t be off track from your goal. 

Be respectful 

Remember that you’re dealing with people outside of the physical realm. Whether you’re speaking to a deceased loved one or a higher spirit, know your limitations and be respectful during the séance. 

Don’t overshare your information 

A séance can be easily fake especially if they know too much about you. Keeping a few pieces of information to yourself during the séance can help you know if you’re medium is legit. If your medium suddenly says that you’re grandfather passed away two years ago and it’s true. Then you’re in for a treat.

Mediumship is a way to connect with our deceased loved ones, whether its closure or you wish to know something that you think would improve your life in the living world. 

But, remember to never be dependent on these. Life happens for a reason. Your spirit guides, and loved ones are there to guide you and not to dictate your life for you. Learn how to drive on your own. 

Mediumship is a method of psychic reading. It is a way of getting information through the natural extensions of the human senses: sight, sound, touch, and instinct, often done by psychics or psychic readers. 

A psychic reader, also called an “energy reader”. He or she is a person who has extra sensory perception (ESP), meaning he or she is able to read or sense energies that people don’t normally see.

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