AskNow Psychics Review

Do you have something in mind that’s bothering you lately? And you just want it out of your head and chest? 

Or are you struggling in life right now and you want someone to give you an idea on the right thing to do to make life a little easier than it seems? 

That would be nice, right? A person in your life who can tell you what path to take and how that would work out for you. Or someone who would give you unbiased advice about your worries. 

It’s frustrating isn’t it? To live in a world where we have no clue on where would life go? Especially during days where things wouldn’t just go your way. 

If you need help in something, and you want unbiased advice, or you want to know what would happen to you if you make a certain decision, then there are people out in this world that can help you with that. 

They are called psychics 

AskNow and know about their psychic reading services

Psychic readers are the people in this world who have extra sensory perception (ESP), and gets information from the natural extensions of our physical senses: sight, sound, touch, and instinct. These are the folks who can read the energies around us, or the human aura, that normal people don’t normally see. 

Where does this ESP come from, anyway? According to Harvard University professor Hennacy Power, we all have this psychic ability, buy only a few are successful in harnessing it. 

“Genetics are likely behind it. One of the things we know is that it runs in families. If you talk to psychics, they’ll tell you there’s a family history of it. Though we haven’t found it, there’s likely a gene for it,” Power said. 

Psychics can help us in many aspects in life. If we are looking for advice on a certain episode of our lives, psychic readers can give unbiased advice based on our energies and their instincts. 

There are also psychics who can look through the future, if you wish to know where you’ll be if you marry your boyfriend today, or if you sign that promotion contract tomorrow. 

To add, there are psychics who can talk to higher spirits or spirits of our departed loved ones if we are looking for closure with them. 

Clearly, psychics are a big help. However, not everyone has the luck of living near a psychic. 

Finding Online Psychic Readings

But technology has indeed made the world a better place. Clients can now consult psychic readers even if they’re at home or busy at work. This is called distant psychic reading. 

Distant psychic reading is where a person can consult a psychic reader without physically meeting him or her. This is done through text messages, online chats, video calls, and phone calls. 

You can look for your own psychic reader at the internet, where there are many websites who offer online psychic readings 24/7.

One of these websites is AskNow. 

What is AskNow? 

AskNow is one of the most popular psychic reading websites that offers “the most qualified and gifted psychic advisors from across the country at any time, day or night, via phone or online chat.” 

This online psychic reading site offers services to those seeking advice on love, dating careers, and any other aspect of one’s life. 

What do they offer? 

As mentioned in their about page, AskNow offers phone and online chat readings to their clients. Unfortunately, they don’t offer online video chats, which means you won’t be able to see the psychic during your reading session. 

Their psychics offer services like phone readings, tarot readings, dream interpretations, clairvoyants, horoscope reading, relationship readings and love advice. 

Upon opening their website, you’ll be greeted by their reputable roster of psychics that are available for consultation. 

Introductory Price

If you’re a newbie at the AskNow site, you get your first 5 minutes free of charge. If one feels like their psychic is not a good match, you can contact customer service and they will credit another 5 minutes to your new account so you can find another psychic that matches you. 

They also offer an introductory price of $1 a minute when you purchase an introductory package. 

IOS app

AskNow is one of the few psychic websites that have a mobile app for easier access. This company is ahead of its game and makes it a lot easier to contact their psychics through the Apple mobile app

Get to know your psychics instantly 

Here’s the cool thing about AskNow: When you look through their roster of psychics, you can easily tell if they’re the ones you need to speak to. The profile of their psychics already reveal their expertise, certifications, awards they received, ratings from their AskNow customers, languages they speak, and even their zodiac signs. 

These information can give you an idea if these psychics can help you with your concerns. 

Legit Psychics? 

AskNow has been in the psychic reading business since 2004 and they offer 100% guarantee, are their psychics legitimately good? Well, their psychics are reputable in terms of accuracy and their abilities. 

While some say that AskNow psychics are meticulously screened before being added at the roster, it was discovered that not all of their psychics offer and provide the best online psychic experience.

So, we suggest to do thorough research, like checking the latest reviews on the psychic you wish to consult with before heading on for a reading, because some of their psychics tend to be questionable.

These are just some of the features of AskNow psychic reading website. Read through the website’s privacy policy and FAQs before heading on to the free 5 minutes. 

Remember, when preparing for a reading, center yourself and remain calm because your energy will greatly affect your session. Also, keep a set of questions next to you during the reading to stay on track and make the most out of your reading. 

For more information and for your reference, you can check out AskNow and its roster of psychic readers by clicking this link.

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