Our Review of Bitwine and Their Psychics

Do you believe that our future is set in stone?

If you ask us, we don’t think so. For us, the future is written by a pencil on a piece of paper, waiting to be erased and rewritten again depending on the decisions we make in the present.

We’re guessing you let out a sigh of relief right there. But, we’re sure that the worry hasn’t left you.We don’t blame you though. We understand how it feels to live in a world designed to keep the future unknown. It’s an exciting, yet terrifying feeling.

Now, let us ask you this: If you were given the opportunity to get a glimpse of what your future would be like, would you take the jump? Studies have shown that knowing the future is equally important as knowing our past, as it would also affect the decisions we’re set to make in the present.

And these decisions may cause the change in the prediction of our future. Which is why the future is not really set in stone. But how does one get information about the future? There are people who can, you just have to find them. They are called psychic readers.

How Can I Find an Accurate Psychic?

Psychic readers, or psychics, are the people who have extra sensory perception (ESP), who gets information from the natural extensions of our physical senses (sight, sound, touch, and instinct). These are the people who can see or read the energies that people don’t normally see.

A psychic reader varies on the tool he or she uses in order to read and capture the energies of their clients. Some of the popular tools include tarot cards, crystal balls, palm or hands of the client, astrology, and more.

How can psychics help us?

Psychic readers can help us in many ways, depending on their ESP or psychic ability and their area of expertise.

As mentioned earlier, there are psychics who have the ability to see the future of their clients. They can give you light on what the future would be.

There are also psychics who can give readings and advice on their field of expertise. Most subjects being asked to psychics include relationships and families, career, finance, and destiny.

Some psychics can also connect to the spiritual world and be able to talk to a client’s departed loved ones, their spiritual guides, or higher spirits.

You see? Psychics can help you a lot – as long as you don’t let the readings control you.

But how can you get hold of a psychic reader?

Online Psychic Networks – Can They Be Trusted?

Thanks to technology, anyone can now speak with a psychic reader by just a few taps on their cellphone or laptop. This method is called distant psychic reading.

Distant psychic reading is where a person can have a psychic reading with a psychic without having to physically meet him or her. This can be done through text messages, phone calls, online chats, video chats, and more.

You can find a wide range of online psychic readers in the internet.

One of these websites is Psychics Online Network powered by Bitwine.

Who is Bitwine?

The Bitwine Online Psychic Network is one of the many psychic reading websites you can find on the internet. They claim to have the best psychics in their roster, and that they offer ethical and accurate readings to their customers.

What Do Bitwine Psychics Offer?

Bitwine Psychic Networks offer a wide variety of psychic readings for its customers. Among the readings include: tarot card readings, astrology readings, dream interpretations, fortune telling, love readings, psychic mediums, reiki healing, new age reading, and spiritual readings.

Most of their psychic readings are done through phone calls, and online chats.

Introductory Price

For new comers at the Bitwine site, a customer’s first three minutes are free of charge. This gives them the opportunity to get a vibe of the psychic they are currently talking to.

Their psychics also offer different $10 needs depending on their expertise. Potential customers can take advantage of such promos, especially if it’s worth the price.

Independent Psychics

Unlike other online psychic networks, Bitwine’s psychics works as independent contractors, which gives them autonomy in their work as psychics. You can find legit and trustworthy psychics here, but one must be extra cautious for fake ones as well.

There are over 3000 psychics listed in Bitwine. They have a star-based rating system and a comments section for their clients. This can give potential customers to carefully scrutinize the psychics they wish to consult with.

Your choice of payment

Because psychics work independently at Bitwine Psychic Networks, customers are given options when it comes to paying the psychic reader. You can either pay through credit card or via Paypal. The latter option gives you the opportunity to save yourself from disclosing your credit card details online.

Here are some of the services that Bitwine Online Psychic Network has to offer. For your information and reference, you can check out their website and their roster of psychics by clicking this link.

Preparing for a psychic reading with Bitwine

If you’re heading for your first Bitwine psychic reading, here are a few tips to prepare yourself and make the most out of your reading session:

Remain calm and collected

We mentioned earlier that a psychic reader gets information from the energies that surround you. These energies are easily affected by your physical body. So, remember to keep calm and center yourself before clicking chat now.

Keep an open mind

Here’s the thing, a lot of people think that when they go for a psychic reading, they will hear what they want to hear. But that’s not the case. Psychic readers will give you unbiased advice on the things you ask. So always expect the unexpected, and don’t shut them out when you hear something you don’t like.


The internet has a lot of temptations and distractions. If you’re scheduled to have an online reading, close other tabs and applications on your cellphone or laptop and focus on the session so that the psychic reader ca give an accurate reading for you.

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