Keen Psychics – Our Review

There are moments in our lives when we wish we could talk to someone about pressing concerns in our lives. And we’re not just talking about anyone.

We’re talking about a person who would know the right answer, the right thing to do, the right things to say.Often times, when we speak with our friends or family members, they only make the situation worse by giving off biased advice, especially when it comes to our careers and relationships – because they have their own opinions on different matters.

What we want is someone who can talk to us and give us unbiased advice and guide us in life where we have no idea what tomorrow holds for us. But lucky for us, there are people in this world who can give us the guidance and advice we need in life.

They are called psychic readers.

How Can I Find an Accurate Psychic Reading?

A psychic reader is a person who has extra sensory perception (ESP), and does readings by getting information through the natural extensions of our physical senses (sight, sound, touch, and instinct).

Psychic readers are also called “energy readers” because they are able to read or sense the energies around a person which others don’t normally see.

There are many types of psychic readers and it depends on the tools they use to connect the energies they read and the instincts they feel.

Among the popular tools used in a psychic reading include tarot cards, crystal balls, palm or hands, astrology, and more.

Psychics can help us in many ways in our lives – depending on who you consult.

There are psychics who are experts in giving readings on love and relationships, if you feel like your relationship is on the rocks.

If you’re expected to make a life-changing decision for your career, they are psychics who can guide you in making such decisions.

There are also psychics who can look through the future if one wishes to know where our future lies. Other psychics can also connect the physical world and the spiritual world in order for its clients to talk to the spirits of their departed loved ones, their spirit guides, or their higher beings.

Whatever you wish to consult, a psychic reader can help you with it. But where you would you find a psychic reader in your area?

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You can find them online

Thanks to technology, psychic readers are now available wherever you go: at home, at work, or even inside a vehicle on their way to school or work. This is called distant psychic reading.

Distant psychic reading is where a person consults a psychic reader without having to physically meet him or her. Also known as “travelling clairvoyance” or “remote perception”, this can be done through text messages, online chats, video calls, and phone calls.

There are many psychic readers who offer such services in the internet.

One of these websites is Keen.

What is Keen?

Keen is an online network of psychics that has been in the business since 1999. They offer phone or chat readings for their customers on a 24/7 basis.

“Keen is the leader in personal advice and dedicated to empowering lives by helping people discover answers to their most pressing questions. We’re proud of our community of users and the network of personal advisors who serve them by offering a diverse background of intuitive, spiritual services and so much more,” it said on their website.

What do Keen Psychics Offer?

Keen offers SMS readings, horoscope readings, dream interpretation, phone readings, and tarot card readings.

You can consult Keen psychic readers about breakups, commitment – phobia, departed loved ones, career, finance, destiny, and a lot more.

Introductory Promo

If you’re new to Keen, they offer 3 minutes’ worth of services for free. They also have other promo specials like $1.99 for 10 minutes.

They also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers. Keen assures that its customers aren’t charged with permission and that their personal information is safe.

The Keen Blog

Keen also has a blog section on their website where they share their insights on various topics like love, tarot, astrology, and other spiritual matters, even if you’re not consulting with one of their psychics.

They also offer astrological forecasts and daily horoscopes which can be directly sent to your email.

Keen’s roster of psychics

Having been in the industry since 1999, Keen has over 1700 psychic readers on their roster. And they have over 35 million conversations over their records.

Reviews and testimonials are available on the profile page of the psychic reader. This is where one can see feedback from the psychic’s previous clients to assure yourself if they’re legitimate or not.

If the advisor is online, one can simply click the call now button and begin your consultations. But if they’re not, you can schedule as session with them through the website.

But, while Keen is a reputable site indeed, it still has some bad bugs in some of its psychics. So always be careful and read through the reviews before heading on for a reading.

These are some of the services that Keen psychic network has to offer. For more information and reference, you can check out Keen’s website by clicking this link.

Preparing for a reading with Keen

Getting a psychic reading is an exciting adventure. However, you must remain calm and centered as you begin the reading session. You don’t want your energies to get affected by the reading.

Also, keep in mind that a psychic reading doesn’t mean that you’ll get what you want to hear. So, always keep an open mind and prepare for the unexpected.

And since it’s an online reading, make sure to close all other tabs and applications to avoid all kinds of distractions that could possibly prevent you from getting an accurate reading from your psychic reader.

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