Your Guide to Psychic Palm Readings

Have you ever heard of the saying: “Your life rests at the palm of your hand”? 

It’s actually truer than we think. Literally and figuratively. We use our hands the most whenever we need to finish our tasks. It also means that we have a lot on our hands in this lifetime alone. 

We are very much aware that we have many responsibilities in life: from school, to our families, work, friends, you name it. Our pair of hands won’t be enough to count them, and as much as we can, we have to take things into our own hands. 

And it’s overwhelming. Life is indeed such a huge bag we need to carry. There’s so much happening now, and we don’t know what lies ahead.

Your Hands Hold Your Future

Our hands are indeed full with the present. But, believe us when we say that our hands are more powerful that it goes beyond completing tasks, interact with other people, and a lot more. 

What if we told you that our hands may also be the key into unlocking what the future holds for us? Would you believe it? 

You should. Because there’s a method for it, and it’s called Palmistry. 

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy is a method wherein someone foretells the future by studying the palm of a person’s hands. 

Palm reading is a form of psychic reading – wherein a person who has extra sensory perception (ESP), gets information from the natural extensions of the human senses – sight, sound, touch, and instinct. These energies are not normally seen by people and are read by psychic readers. 

History of Palm Reading 

Palmistry has been a common practice already at the Eurasian landmass. It’s a common practice in the Indian, Persian, Sumerian, Palestinian, and Babylonian culture. 

It had a revival in the modern era back in 1839 with a book named La Chirognomie. 

In China, palmistry began in the Zhou Dynasty. The first complete and systematic palmistry in the country was first seen in the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC – 9 AD)

What You Need to Know

In palmistry, the psychic reader, observes the palm’s shape, color, lines, the finger length, spirals of the fingers during a session. 

Commonly, a palm reading is done in order to determine the luck of the person. It’s also a method where one can predict a person’s personality, health, wealth, wisdom, career, marriage and more. 

How Does It Work? 

Right or Left?

First things first, the palm reader must determine which hand they should read. Now, this would depend on what you want to know about the future. 

If you wish for a prediction regarding your professional life, or how you present yourself to the world, have your dominant hand checked. If you’re after your personal relationships, dreams, and emotional struggles, the other hand will be read. 

The Palm

Your palm consists of lines and streaks where the psychic readers analyze in order to get a proper reading. 

Here are the kinds of lines that can be found on our palms: 

The Head Line

Also known as the wisdom line. This line stretches from the middle of the thumb and index finger to the other side of the palm. 

If your head line is short, or it ends at the near center of your palm, it might mean that you’re a fast thinker and reaches to conclusions without hesitation. If the line is long, then you might be the kind who mulls over things over, sometimes a little too much, before coming up with a decision. And if your head line splits into two, you may be sensitive to others, and may change your opinion every now and then. 

The head line indicates how you communicate with people, as well as your intelligence and intellect.  It could teach you how you could harness the power that your mind has. 

The Heart Line

Also known as the love line, this line is the uppermost line in your palm. 

If you have a long straight line, you may be an analytical thinker who cares for other people’s feelings. If you have a straight but short line, you’re asking for freedom and show your love through actions. If you have a short curved line, you are a reserved person who would rather be in small groups. A long curved line means that you’re a passionate person and your desires drive you. 

The Heart Line is where you can find out one’s relationships, how you are attracted to people, or how you can attract them into you. It can also read through your emotional stability and determine if you’re a sentimental and romantic person, or a cool-headed one. 

The Life Line

The life line is also called the earth line, which often reflects a person’s health and physical vitality. A long line means that you’re a strong person that people rely on during hard times. A short line means that you tend to keep yourself busy to feel safe and secure. A faint line means that you need to relax yourself more often. And broken lines may represent the traumatic experiences that made a huge impact in your life. 

The life line can tell a person about their life span, health, energy and even vitality.

Palm Reading Psychic Lines

These are just the general representations of the lines in our palms. For a more accurate reading, consider consulting with a legitimate palm reader for a more comprehensive reading. 

There are palm readers available both online and within your area. Just make sure that you only consult from legitimate and high-rated websites. 

Keep in mind that each palm is different and is very unlikely for you to have the same fate and reading as another person. If you look at your hands right now, you will notice that they are both very different. Our hands are just like life, no two lives are the same. 

But keep in mind that you should never let these palm readings get the best of you. Rather, let the readings guide you as you move forward in life.

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