How Accurate Are Psychics at Predicting the Future?

The world we live in is designed in a way that we humans have no clue on what tomorrow holds. 

We have always lived in the “today”, focusing on the now and how we can make it last in our brain for as long as possible. 

The unpredictability of life is what makes it exciting, and equally scary, too. Life can, and will change in an instant and that’s honestly exciting and scary. 

Not knowing what the future holds for yourself or others is okay. You just want to focus on the present because it’s more important, and maybe you don’t want to carry the burden of knowing the future. Because that is indeed a heavy thing to carry.

Knowing the Future: Privilege or Burden?

While there’s nothing wrong with focusing on the present, we must understand that the decisions that we make today, will have an impact on your future. It may not affect tomorrow, next week, or two Sundays from now, but it will affect your life. The universe has a way. Believe it.

So maybe knowing what is expected to happen in the future is just as important as knowing your past and present. 

The Future is Important, Too

But exactly how important is it to get a peek of the future?

A study from the University Of Chicago Graduate School Of Business said that knowing the valuations of the future affects a person’s decision about himself or others, and it might be more important than the knowledge you have of the past. 

“Our studies show that people value events in the future more than they value equivalent events in the equidistant past, that they do so even when they consider this asymmetry irrational, and that one reason why they make these asymmetrical valuations is that contemplating future events produces greater affect than does contemplating past events.”

– University of Chicago School of Business

The predictions of the future can help you move forward with life and your growth as a human being, if you know how to deal with it. 

These future predictions can be acquired through the help of readings brought by psychic readers. More on these later. 

How can the knowledge on the future brought by these readings help you in the present? 

It’s a Second Opinion on Your Intuition

Most often when people head on a reading is because we already felt a vibe and you just want confirmation of it. If someone goes for a reading to get a prediction, it’s probably because he or she has been feeling something already. 

It was mentioned before that every human being has a psychic ability, but not everyone is successful in using it. 

“Genetics are likely behind it. One of the things we know is that it runs in families. If you talk to psychics, they’ll tell you there’s a family history of it. Though we haven’t found it, there’s likely a gene for it.”

– Harvard University professor Diane Hennacy Power, interview with TIME magazine.

So your instincts are most likely brought about by your psychic ability that you’re not aware of. 

Having a person with the intuitive ability agree to what you’re feeling, kind of like a second opinion. 

Do Psychics Know the Future?

Most people think that the predictions of the future can no longer be changed, causing fear in knowing the future take over themselves. But that’s not entirely true. 

You may notice the change within yourself after a reading. You think differently, act differently than how you were before knowing such information. 

This is called free will. And this change brought about to you by the reading would cause the change in prediction. So the prediction might not happen at all. 

Your knowledge has the power to change the predictions of your future, and that might just be what you need. 

How Accurate are Psychic Predictions?

The last thing we want to hear in a reading session is a negative prediction of the future. Especially when we felt it first. But keep in mind that this is not the psychic’s fault. They did their job. 

Negative experiences doesn’t automatically mean it’s a negative thing. Most of these help us grow better. It really happens.

We mentioned earlier that even the smallest knowledge of the future can be a burden to some people. But actually, it depends on someone’s ways on how to handle the information. 

Can a Medium See the Future?

For one: don’t let these predictions a huge amount of weight. The best method is to get a reading and put them at the back of your mind. Meaning, don’t give it much significance, but take it into account. The right time to take attention to these readings will come. For instance, you get messages in the future that are similar or you feel like connected, then that would be the time to go back to that certain reading. 

Don’t let yourself lose sleep over these predictions. Yes, it can be scary and paralyzing to know these. But don’t let it consume you. 

Let the Predictions Guide You

Instead of letting these consume you, let the readings guide you forward. What you hear from the psychic now can still change, as what we said earlier. Remember that these can be changed, and you have the power to do that.

These future forecasts can be acquired with the help of psychic reading. It is a method wherein information acquired through the natural extensions of the human senses: sight, sound, touch, and instincts. These can be done by psychics. 

Psychics are called “energy readers” because of their extra sensory perception or ESP wherein he or she is able to read and sense energies that surround their clairaudience that other people don’t normally see or feel. 

There are many methods of psychic reading, and it often depends on the tool the psychic uses in order to understand the energy its clairaudience creates.

There are a lot of reasons why people seek a psychic reader. Some want to seek advice for a huge step in their life, some want to know what tomorrow holds for them. The possibilities are endless, just like the future.

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