Questions to Ask Your Psychic

There are many things in this world we wish we knew. Whether it’s about knowing if you made the right decisions, if you’re dating the right person, if you’re at the right career path, etc. And honestly, we don’t know where to begin. 

And that’s the scariest part, actually. There’s so much to ask that causes this certain excitement and maybe anxiousness inside of us when heading for a reading, which also makes it hard to prepare for one. 

But we’re here to set the tone for you. If one is fully familiar and understands what a psychic reader can do for you, it might help you to calm down and be at ease. 

Psychic reading is a method of getting information through the natural extensions of the human senses like sight, sound, touch and instincts. These are often done by psychic readers, who possess extra sensory perception (ESP), who can read or sense energies not normally felt or seen by the human eye.

I’m Heading to a Psychic Soon – What Questions Should I Ask?

Before heading to your scheduled session with a psychic reader, it is best to prepare yourself, both mentally and physically, to make most out of the said session. Here are a few ways how: 

Center Yourself Before the Reading Session

Centering yourself is a great help when preparing yourself for session. Understand that being calm and centered will help in getting a more accurate reading versus being nervous and excited. 

This would also keep you in check at the fact that you won’t always get what you want to hear. You want the session to expand your horizons, even if it means getting bad news 

Prepare a Set of Questions 

As mentioned, there are a lot of things we want to know about life. Your questions can be endless, we know. But it is best to know which ones you want to discuss first with your psychic as you’re in there for a limited time. So know what topic will surround your session. 

The next most important thing to a list of questions is how you phrase them. Most common questions asked to readers are often answered by yes or no, but those aren’t really the best options. Veteran psychics say that these yes or no questions often limit the answers they can provide. So it would be best to avoid them. 

Instead, craft up open-ended questions like “How should I improve my office space?” or “Where will I meet the love of my life. These types of questions gives the psychic more opportunity to give you more details, a possible outcomes, guidance, a more specific advice, and even more. 

When you phrase your questions the right way, these would give the psychic the ability to read through a “psychic field” and get more information and insights for you. 

What to Ask a Psychic

Now that we’re clear on the preparations. Let’s go over a set of questions you could possibly ask your psychic. If these aren’t the ones you want to ask, these can possibly guide you in making your own. 

Possible Questions to Ask About Your Love Life

  • What information can you tell me about my love life? 
  • Why have I not found love yet? 
  • What can you tell me about my current relationship_______? 
  • When will I meet the one for me?
  • How would my life be like in a few years if I stay with my boyfriend/girlfriend?? 
  • How can I meet people that are good enough for me to date? 
  • What can I do to find true love? 

Possible Questions to Ask About Your Family

  • What are the new things you can share me about my family? 
  • What can I do to make balance and harmony at home last for a long time? 
  • Can you tell me what the future holds for my family? 
  • How can we make the relationship within our family deeper? 
  • Our family is struggling right now, how can I help the current situation? 
  • How can we avoid fights as a family? 
  • How can I help deepen my relationship with my in-laws?

Possible Questions to Ask About Your Career

  • What can you tell me about my current career path? 
  • What can you tell me about my financial situation? 
  • How can I find a meaningful job? 
  • What can you tell me about my current job and its work environment? 
  • How can I get a job promotion? 
  • I need some advice on my current job situation which is in a tough situation right now. What can you tell me about this? 
  • How can I become the best in my career and finances?

Take a look at how these questions are formed. They not answerable by yes or no. These questions will give you more information on what the psychic can read through your energies. 

The list of questions above can guide you into creating your own set in preparation for your session.  

But, do remember to not rephrase the questions whenever you’re getting an answer you didn’t want to hear. It won’t push the psychic to tell you what you want to hear. A psychic is there to genuinely help you move forward. 

Best Question to Ask a Psychic

If you’re still undecided on the questions to ask to the psychic reader, that’s okay. Let your psychic know the situation and they’ll find a way around it. 

When you’re able to work with veteran psychics, you have nothing to worry about. They would know what questions or areas to explore with their clairaudience. And if you want, you can just request for a general reading, and even ask the psychic to take the lead in the reading session. 

What to Do After Your Reading

After your reading, you have most probably gained a new load of information about your life. But remember that sometimes, knowledge isn’t power, sometimes it’s a burden. But you alone can change that. 

Remember do let your readings guide you forward and never let it control you. Where you stand today will not affect your fore coming days. At the end of the day, it is you who controls your life and only you can change it. 

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