The World of Tarot Card Readings & Names

The Tarot Card reading is one of the most popular method of psychic reading known to mankind. 

This method uses a set of cards that is used by psychic readers to connect and read through the energy the clairaudience brings. These often serve as a guide for the psychic reader.

“The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.” The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn says.  

But Where Exactly Do Tarot Cards Come From?

Tarot cards are originally playing cards used during the 15th century in Europe. They are used for Italian tarocchini, French tarot and Austrian Konigrufen. 

It was in the 18th century when the tarot card for psychic reading or cartomancy. The first evidence came from an anonymous manuscript in 1750 that consists of rudimentary divinatory meanings for the Tarocco Bolognese cards. 

The very first set of tarot cards specifically designed for psychic readings was released in 1789 by Etteilla. These cards contain themes from ancient Egypt. 

The Tarot Card Deck 

A common tarot card deck consists of 78 cards that are divided into two sections: the major arcana and minor arcana. 

The major arcana consists of 22 cards that represent your journey into the world and into your own self-awareness. Commonly known as trump cards, these cards when drawn during reading represent an important issue in your life and that you should pay attention to the said situation. 

Meanwhile, the minor arcana is a group of 56 tarot cards that supports the major arcana. Much like playing cards, the minor arcana has four (4) suits consisting of 10 numbered cards and four court cards named page, knight, king and queen. 

Each of the cards in the deck consists of images that are connected to the energies of the clairaudience. There are many cards in one deck, and here are their meanings:

  • Death cards: means ending, transition, elimination or inexorable forces. 
  • The Fool: means a beginning, spontaneity, faith, or apparent folly. 
  • The High Priestess: means non-action, unconscious awareness, potential and mystery
  • The Lovers: means relationship, sexuality, personal beliefs, and values 
  • The Magician: means action, conscious awareness, concentration, and power. 

These are the cards that help a psychic reader understand the energies an advice seeker possess and gives you guidance to their next steps in their lives. 

But exactly how does a tarot card reading work? 

At the beginning of a reading, the clairaudience will be the one who shuffles all the cards. Through this step, the energy of the person is transferred to the deck. 

After which, these cards are arranged in a spread. There are many ways in which the tarot cards can be spread. 

The Celtic Cross

The most common spread is called the Celtic Cross. This spread is where 10 cards are laid accordingly to your past, present, future, and more. The cards laid out are interpreted based on their position and neighboring cards. 

The True Love Spread

This spread is commonly used when the clairaudience wants a reading regarding their romantic relationship. There are six cards in this spread that will evaluate someone’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections with your partner. 

The Success Spread 

This spread s used for when someone is facing a challenge and doesn’t know how to approach and achieve over it. The five cards in this spread help you understand the challenges you face, identify the skills and resources you have to face these. 

The Career Path Spread

This spread is most helpful to who feel stagnant in their career growth. It will help you understand the challenges you’ll be facing in your professional life, and help you strategize on how you’ll deal with it. 

The Spiritual Guide Spread

Much like the aforementioned spreads, this tarot card spread is used by readers if their advice seekers are facing challenges within their spiritual nature like their self-growth and development. With eight (8) tarot cards, this spread is designed to give someone a wider perspective and information of your spiritual path and the lessons you will gain from it.  

The Three Card Spread

This is the simplest spread. With three cards laid out, this is the quickest answer to any question you have in life, and it can give you an insight and guidance. While this spread uses the least amount of cards, it is the most popular and most powerful spread among the spreads. 

Indeed, these cards do look powerful. But keep in mind that they’re just guidance in your reading session, and your energies are still in control of the psychic reading. 

Getting ready for your tarot reading session

So if you’re convinced in getting a psychic reading, we suggest to take in a few tips before heading to your tarot reading session: 

Ready a set of questions

Surely, you have a lot of questions to ask a psychic. So pick a topic that is most important to you and jot down the questions. Remember to phrase it in an open-ended way to give the psychic reader the opportunity to give you a comprehensive answer and guide. 

Center Yourself

Keep in mind that your energies are the one being read during a psychic session. So relax and center yourself before your scheduled reading. Your energy greatly affects your reading. So in order to get an accurate reading from your psychic, best to keep calm and collected during you’re reading session. 

Embrace the Unknown 

There will be times when the reading you’ll be getting is not the reading you have been wanting to hear. And that’s reality. Remember that you’re getting a reading because you are in need of guidance, and not for validation of your wants.  Keep an open mind when you’re reading, and keep yourself in a neutral state at all costs. 

Do not be afraid. 

Fear may also affect your energies negatively. If it’s your first reading session, it’s okay to disclose it to your psychic reader. That would help you both in getting an accurate reading. Remember to be transparent to your reader. In the end, it would be to your advantage. 

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